Wednesday 17 October 2012

Ayear on..

I'm not quite sure where today has gone, no sooner did it seem to get light this morning and it's nearly bedtime tonight.

Today is the anniversary of becoming homeless; remember the caravan rolling, well that was a year ago today.  We still have the remains of said caravan, maybe we should put them on eBay!

We have had rain on and off all day today just for a change, so the goats exploring was short lived.  They sat at the gate staring at me making me feel guilty so they were back in shortly after 10am!

The ducks came out of their house had their breakfast them promptly went and sheltered in the barn for most of the day - so much for ducks liking water.

At lunchtime I went out with the intention of taking a photo of the water rushing across one of the resting fields but got distracted by a convoy of army vehicles obviously heading up to Otterburn camp for some exercise or other.  There were 7 of these.

I also managed to take a photo of Bridie eating her sugarbeet from my hand.  She is so sweet and such a determined little girl, I can't begin to tell you how special she is. 


oak haven alpacas said...

awww!! Too cute!


Andrew said...

You have some intresting things on your road ! what next ?