Tuesday 16 October 2012

Rain stops play

Get this, blogs two nights running!!!  Still with the loft hatch open and a cable dangling mind you.

It has been rather wet today, so it meant poor Bridie her mum Kealani and her friends have had to spend another day in the barn, not that they seem to mind with fresh hay on tap, food and sugarbeet provided they are all happy enough.  Bridie now comes to eat her food from my hand which is so sweet, she is such a little cutie.

The goats refused to go out so they have spent the day in too, not that I blame them, we had torrential rain over night and it has pretty much rained all day.  The goats are happy in their pen enjoying munching hay from their new hay racks.

The livery girls were also wanting in early tonight, and even the ducks had a relatively early night, maybe I should try and have one too.

I've been busy skirting some more fleece today, I'm off up to the Border Mill next week to pick up some of my yarn and deliver more of my fleeces, I thought I'd actually skirted more than I have - oops!

Last week I blogged about my difficulty  in locating an angora billy goat, well last night I got all excited and though I'd found one.  He's being advertised on the internet but so far the owner hasn't returned my call or text.  He's only in County Durham so if he's any good it would be ideal - wish me luck.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Good Luck for the Billy Goat. We are forecast more rain moving north as of tomorrow...its great to have the nice dry barn for shelter... looks like its going to be a long wet winter !...Jayne