Thursday 18 October 2012

Visitors and variations

Today we have had visitors, a couple who Paul was talking to at the Thirsk show at the weekend who have fallen in love with alpacas.  I forgot to ask permission to name them so I'd better not.

As usual we had plenty of alpacas happy to come running over to introduce themselves, in the girls field it was a bit of a 'darky' mobbing.  Geena, Meketaten and Ursula were first over, shortly followed by Gabby, Imala and Kate.  Within a couple of minutes we had the whole herd within a few feet, even little Ankhesenamun (meketaten's full sister) came sniffing our visitors.

Not wanting to miss out once the goaties noticed we had visitors they were climbing up the gate to say hello.  It's so funny how everyone loves them and find them just as adorable as the alpacas.

I have managed to get a bit of skirting done too, the pile to take up to the Border Mill next week is growing, I'm blending a couple of different fleeces this year so we have a few different varieties, so it will be nice to see how they turn out; you never quite know.

I've just finished spinning some of Kate, I've hardly found time to do any spinning this year and Carol is complaining so I thought I'd better get some done in case I see her at Wallington Food & Craft Fair as we are there this weekend with the knitwear and some of the boys.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hope the weather is kind to you for the weekend and you manage some how to get some more yarn done intime for the craft fair ....Jayne

Unknown said...

Debbie, Thank you for showing myself and Lydia around the farm and introducing us to all your numerous friends. The Alpacas were a joy to meet. A carrot in your hand soon makes you popular! I hope you have a good weekend at Wallington with a lot of sales. Paul Marshall