Sunday 30 September 2012

Girls girls girls

We've had another mixed weather weekend, yesterday wasn't too bad so all the alpacas were out in the fields which made a nice change.

Gill and Ross came over so the boys got a bit more fencing done whilst Gill and I fed and watered them, cleaned out the barn and felted a few balls in readiness for the next felting project.  Not wanting to be left out Taylor (5 years old) did a bit of supervision of the boys and then turned his hand very successfully to felting - no one escapes a job round here!!

We fetched the girls back in last night as the weather forecast wasn't nice for during the night, and the rain arrived. 

This morning despite the rain our girls wanted out so off the trotted up the hill and into their field, the livery girls weren't so ken and preferred to stay in the dry with their hay nets full to bursting.  By tea time the sun actually came out so I think they were starting to change their minds.

Getting our girls in tonight was a job and a half, they thought it was nice enough to stay out.  They were right but I didn't want Bridie out with rain forecast again, it's really windy and cold.  I am also keeping a very close eye on Liberty who is not herself.

You may recall a little while ago Mary wasn't well and was lacking milk, well Liberty is Mary's and is rather thin.  Typically she's not eating hard feed and wouldn't take a bottle from me.  The poor little thing has not been having a good time of late.  She's had worms (treated and cleared up) and now she has a sore eye. 

On the positive though I have finally managed to get her to have a little milk from me.  It takes a lot of encouragement and I end up wearing some of it but she will suck the bottle now.  Fingers crossed this will help her gain a bit of weight and feel like her old self.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like another busy day on the farm ...maybe a little taste of honey might do the trick in the bottle for Liberty hope things keep on improving for the babies.....Jayne

Shirley said...

Glad you all survived your spell of wild weather there but it still looks unsettled. Shirley & Robbie