Friday 28 September 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow

After another heavy downpour during the night I'm sure all the alpacas and goats were pleased to be in the shed, but with the sun looking like it was hoping to break through we decided to let some of the animals back out to play.

The goaties have their routine and will happily trot off for the day, depending on the weather depends on how long they wonder and what time they are loitering back at the gate wanting back in!

The livery girls are well behaved and happily run up and down from bed to field without any hassle.  Its always funny how the old lady Cassiopeia is always last on the way up but running down in front of the line at bedtime.

The boys on the other hand was an absolute pain this morning, we've not quite finished the channel down to the shed yet and they took full advantage scattering in all directions.  I think they new we had a 10.30 appointment and had a lot of cleaning up to do before it.  We got them all in the right place in the end but not before I had to go and get the head collars.

This afternoon Ant & Dec, two of this years babies, had a visit from their new mum and dad.  The boys have a fantastic home waiting for them once they have been weaned; another lucky couple counting down to living the alpaca dream.

We have visitors again tomorrow so hopefully there will be more sunshine and less showers, although on the plus side if the rainbows were anything to go by today there should be lots of pots of gold on the hill!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

That's one hell of a Rainbow ! where dreams come true ....don't forget to enjoy them after all that hard work, creating the dream, can you remember where you were this time last year ....Jayne

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Never a dull moment at Barnacre! Every cloud should have a silver lining, but just occasionally it might not, in which case, a rainbow will get you through!