Friday 21 September 2012

Camping out

After the downpour we had overnight I was rather surprised to look out the bedroom window this morning and see Wesley (our blackie tup) had camped out with his two little pirate mates (bottle fed lambs who won't stay with the wild blackies!).
Unfortunately for Wesley he's not small enough to fit under the remains of caravan mark one.

Bridie is continuing to do well, she is gaining muscle strength and is bending her legs more and more, she is trying so hard kush with bent legs.  She has certainly inherited her great grandma's appetite, this were her at lunchtime tucking into some nice warm sugarbeet.

This afternoon we dropped off our racing sheep at the Whalton show field ready for tomorrow's racing.  It's always a really funny event and being double defending champions we have standards to maintain.  The girls are all carrying extra weight so it's going to be tough this year.  I'm thinking our veteran Mocha will be our best chance so she's my hot tip for anyone wanting to put a pound on the tote!

On the way back we collected our new Shetland sheep, they are rather sweet.  Hopefully they will soon settle in and feel at home, all we need to do now is find them a boyfriend ready for November.

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