Monday 17 September 2012

You're not?...You are?...You did! (Paul)

Evening all.

Debbie has fast-footed it to bed tonight because she objected to me singing and kicking a balloon around the kitchen - surely this is normal behaviour after a long day?

Anyway, I'd like to share a few photos with you today because I have been busy in my shed attending to a matter of great technological advancement.  Oh yes, after the ladies (Debbie, Janet and Gill) trashed my 'paca poo fire brick mould' - I ask you, I make a perfectly good prototype mould out of chipboard, and they break it after a mere 4 years - it was time for 'bob brick mould mark 2'.

The alpaca shed was like a centre of excellence for mechanical engineering.  Firstly, there was lots of tea drinking (no biscuits or cakes, come back Jan).  Then there was much sawing, drilling, counter-sinking (oh yes!), screwing and measuring.  I always get the order of those a little mixed up and so there followed a few minor curses, more tea and then some re-measuring, technical adjustments (hammer required),  re-sawing, more tea and then of course much male-self-congratulation.  Bob brick mould mark 2 was born - and this has a go faster stripe and a couple of modifications to make the working lives of the 'staff' a little easier.

Mould mark 2 was duly presented to the staff - and she was most pleased with the modifications and improvements (I think when she asked why it took all day to saw 4 bits of wood and join them together that it was her little joke - I did point out there were in fact 5 pieces of wood, eventually...).  In a fit of meriment the 'staff' and mechanical engineer hot footed it up to the alpaca paddocks to try out bob brick mould mark 2.  Of course this is a job that can get a little dirty and is technically manual labour, and so the staff proceeding to try out the mould whilst the mechanical engineer became Executive in charge of taking photos and walking around the field looking out for rainbows.

First up is the raw material, a sight common to all alpaca owners and their visitors...
Olly Impic came over.  "You're not?" I'm sure he hummed (didn't he Pat and Eric!)

Mary enquired "You are?", she is a clever Chilean import, well travelled and very wise.

"You did!" proclaimed Indigo (didn't he Jeannine and Craig!).  The staff and bob brick mould mark 2 can be seen in the top left corner of the picture, due to the commercial sensitivies involved though I'm afraid we are unwilling to provide a close up shot and/or technical specifications (these can be provided on payment of a mind-boggling and very large royalty fee - please make cheques payable to Mr Paul Rippon [only])

And here you go, the finished article, duly decorated and ready for action.  They burn like coal for around 2 hours - fantastic presents for the man/men in your life!  Barnacre Alpaca paca poo fire bricks are available for sale in our shop or when we are out and about at country fayres.

Night all !!!!


Miriam said...

No wonder Debbie had an early night as she would be exhausted (I'm sure her list of duties for the day would far exceed your one item on the agenda Paul!). Great that you are making life a little easier for Debbie though! Smashing pics of the 'family'!

Shirley said...

Like it - you could out-do Marley and Redland bricks with that design Paul! Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

So come on then Paul...we want to meet mark 2! As you noted, we do all have lots of that stuff around, although I had wondered about using one of the molds they use for old newspapers mark 2 better??! Don't tease us with paca pics we want mark 2 piccies!!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Good work Paul - but you're correct, we need diagrams, photographs, assembly instructions, drying time - mistakes to avoid - do you need fresh, or 'mature' poo?