Sunday 16 September 2012

Weekend visitors

Another weekend draws to a close, this one has been another exciting one for us and others.

On Saturday we had a visit from Pat & Eric (and their daughter and grandchildren)  who have taken the leap into alpaca ownership.  We are really happy for you, the boys will be very happy with you and we know you will gain hours of entertainment from them.  Countdown begins for another couple until weaning!

This morning after a batch of lambivac injections were done on cria, we headed off to have a look at a few sheep, not wild blackies this time.  We need more mouths on the hill and I wanted something easier to handle than the blackies and more about wool than meat.  So I have my eye on a small Shetland flock, their wool is the finest of all native breeds and they are quite petite. 

With a deal agreed we pick up the girls and their lambs at the weekend, I can't collect them before as we are sheep racing next weekend at Whalton Show so need to be able to move sheep off the holding and bringing new ones on now would mean we are on standstill.

This afternoon we have had visits from Jan & Phil at Castleside Alpacas, the new owners of Molly, Palm-Olive, Lady Godiva, Celestial, Dillon and Clive.  It was great to catch up again; told you Clive was a little cracker!

As Jan & Phil left Brian and Sam arrived, I think Sam quite fancied taking one of the angora's home to live with their pygmy goats.

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Denise said...

7Good luck with the Shetlands. Having kept both Blackies and Shetlands, I would choose Blackies every time. But everyone is different on their choice of sheep. You want a good Teeswater tup to put some good fibre into your sheep flock. Says she who is the Teeswater Sheep Breed Secretary!! LOL