Wednesday 5 September 2012

Off to pastures new

I have been building myself up to today for a little while now, as you will recall we recently sold some pregnant females, including our first two home bred girls.
Well today was the day we were delivering 3 of the four girls.  So as not to make a show of myself I said my goodbyes before we left home.  It is bad enough selling boys but selling home bred girls is even worse, especially two of our friendliest pregnant girls Lady Godiva and Celestial.
The girls all loaded well into the trailer and off we headed (after a rather exciting meeting which will hopefully go somewhere in the near future).  I know Jan was excited about the girls arrival and has been counting down the sleeps, well she was not disappointed. 
Here we have the girls just out of the trailer.
 Next up is Molly exploring with Dillon in tow and Celestial close by.

The girls seemed perfectly relaxed and settled, having checked out their field they decided to keep an eye on the joiner who is building them a shelter.
Paul had to drag me away from the field, I think I managed to hide the tears until I was in the car and heading home. No only did Jan very kindly fed us a bacon sarnie at lunchtime we also came away with cupcakes - very nice they are too.
On the way home we nipped to a friends Ken & Sue's to pick up 100 small bales of straw, I'm not sure our car quite knew what had hit it!  There is also a stock trailer full at Kens to be picked up in the morning! 


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Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Oh crikey, I'm dreading that day when it comes - I hate goodbyes!