Wednesday 19 September 2012

I know I said I wasn't, but I did!

With the sun shining and Bridie looking great on her new legs I thought I'd let her out for a little wonder with her mum and fellow shed dwellers Chiquita and her little man.

Bridie needs to build up some muscle again now, having had her legs in casts for almost two weeks she is down on her pasterns and is having to get used to walking with legs than bend.  Bless her she is so sweet and doing fantastically, thanks to her strength and determination and our vet Sam Prescott.

Paul has topped the stud boys field which was looking rather long in places, it looks much tidier and they seem to be pleased with it.  Hughie was heading up the  quality control line following the quad. 

Whilst he was doing that I made some more paca poo fire brick, I'm loving my new mould.  I'm sure Gill will be itching to get hold of it at the weekend too!!

We've also been hanging another gate, this is on the smaller field which may be a weaning field or quarantine field, we've not quite decided yet.

Just before gate hanging we had a few spit offs to do.  Palm-Olive who we sold recently needed doing, the rest of her friends have already gone to their new home but as Palm-Olive had only just given birth and we had agreed to remate her she has to stay on a little longer.  Great news for the Archer's she spat; not great for me I was in the firing line!

Also not good news for me, Nefertiti sat as did Lucia.  I was not happy Nefertiti who was supposed to be 4 weeks gone, is mum to 2 brown champion daughters including Meketaten so I was not happy at the thought of her going into winter empty so went back on my word about us not wanting late cria and mated her.  Last chance Nefers so you better hold this time!

Lucia on the other hand I will leave, she is quite submissive and didn't sit immediately and didn't seem very impressed that Sandstorm was there.  We never actually spat her off last year as she escaped out of the mating pen the twice we tried so we just scanned her, maybe I will do the same this year as when she was mated she happily sat.

So many people this year seem to be having similar issues with girls not holding, surely it must all be weather related?

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Unknown said...

That is a shame about Lucia, did she ovulate this time?

Can't remember if I have asked you this before, but do you think selenium levels on the hill might be a factor? We have low levels and have to drench both males and females to keep fertility high. However as you say could just be the weather.

Anyway we will be with you as we are still mating until the end of he month.