Friday 14 September 2012

Tired and grumpy

It has been exceptionally windy on the hill today with the odd shower thrown in for good measure.

Paul had another early start as he is down in London and was on the 6.30am train, it's a long day too as he's still on his way back - I think I'll stay out of his was when he gets home because he'll be very tired, which also means grumpy.

I had set myself a long list of jobs I wanted to get done whilst he was away, but I've not managed to tick many of them off the list.

I did get two of the most important (after feeding everyone) done, sort out the house insurance and put the last batch (for the year) of cream crested legbar eggs into my new incubator.  I didn't get any poo picking done or much of the kitchen tidy, but hey ho, hopefully he will go straight to bed an not notice.

Bridie is continuing to do well, she is gaining weight and happily moving round the pen, I'm hoping the splints don't get too tight or we'll have to take them off earlier than planned. 

Well I'm sorry for the lack of photo's, I had planned to go our with the camera when the sun came out but each time by the time I remembered or finished what I was doing it had gone .


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Its been really windy here to ... sounds like you both need a bit of a quiet weekend after a busy couple of days .... and those extra early starts......Jayne

Shirley said...

Yep, gales everywhere at present. Well done on your successes at the Westmorland show - reward yourselves by having a quiet weekend on the farm! Shirley & Robbie