Thursday 20 September 2012

Named at last

We have finally managed to agree on suitable names for our two nameless boys from Chiquita and Geena.  We had been struggling to find something at suited the boys and we could agree on.

Chiquita's on the left Geena's on the right.

As the weather was wet, wet and more wet today  we decided we had no excuse not to find something we could both agree on.  First up was Chiquita's little man, we wanted to carry on the little theme, after all I doubt he's ever going to be big.  Every suggestion we came up with seemed a bit girlie or just didn't suit him.  In the end we agreed on Pablo, meaning small and humble.

Next was Geena's son, now this one was more tricky as this boy has potential, his fleece is very nice indeed.  You may recall we were expecting (as much as you can with alpacas) a black from this black to black mating and we were well overdue a girl from Geena; we've had her 5 years and only every had boys!  Out popped a fawn boy much to our surprise, so what better name than Prodigiosus.  A Latin word meaning strange, wonderful, and marvellous.
Isn't he just adorable, and a good boy tonight, he actually took his bottle!
These photo's were actually taken a while ago as its been fit for nothing other than ducks today!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Its great to get the names sorted...some are much harder to name than others.....gorgeous boys and just love the photos.....Jayne