Tuesday 11 September 2012

Latest arrivals at Liberty Hill

Blogger is continuing to drive me mad, I couldn't get on last night and I have been trying for an hour tonight before it has let me log in!

The  last couple of days have been busy again, Monday morning we were over at Carol & Dave's old house getting the last few bits emptied with Dave, then it was over to see Molly and her friends; the girls we recently sold.

Whilst we were there we popped over to a great place if you like ducks and hens!  We'd got 3 welsummer hens reserved, we didn't manage to leave with just the three though, we came away with three hens a cockerel and 2 Rhode Island Reds.  I also have my eye on a lovely pair of geese, so watch this space.

Here they are this morning getting used to their new surroundings; they will have to stay shut in for a little while.

Today we have been over to see what will be the new home for Ant & Dec.  Their new owners Jan and John have a fab place, the boys will be very happy there.  They have a little while to wait yet though as they are still only babies and with their mums.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Its always hard when you go shopping ....multiple purchases are the best ...did you get a BOGOF deal (Buy One, Get One Free) more lovely fresh eggs, for Pauls Big Breakfast !! .....Jayne

Rosemary said...

Blogger is also going mad here - I could only access your blog from another blog - and I can't post!

Unknown said...

I am finding if you access Blogger via Chrome or Firefox it works okay. If I use my AOL browser it won't work. Could Google Blogger be wanting us to switch to Google Chrome!!

Judi B said...

I too find that I have to use Google Chrome to post and sometimes I can comment on other blogs...sometimes not! Errr new technology!