Wednesday 7 November 2012

A day of two halves

Today has been a day of two halves, this morning I want to try and forget and this afternoon a much pleasant experience; we went to collect some more angora goats.

I will talk more about this morning when I have something to report at the minute I would rather stick to a happy blog - this week was supposed to be a nice one.

So off we set to Scotland as mum and dad set off for our house, first one there was on the feed rounds - that was mum then!

We found the small holding we were heading too with no difficulty at all which is pretty amazing with our satnav which is only any use if you are looking for a town centre type address.  Anyway the six angora girls were shut in a stable waiting for us.

They are so sweet and will be a great addition to our existing flock, so instead of 7 goaties left to shear I now have 13 - umm Rosemary are you sure Carl doesn't fancy a bus mans holiday!!!

By the time we got home it was dark so no photo opportunities and mum had fed everyone with the exception of Azrael who was making out she'd done his bottle wrong.  Once I got home he took it from her no problem which is good because we are off on another long exciting drive tomorrow and mum's in charge here..........


Unknown said...

So much excitement with all the new additions this week, sorry to hear that you have had something less happy to experience. Hope you have a good journey...

Rosemary said...

The journey sounds like it will make for exciting news! I hope the morning part of your day was nothing too dreadful.

I will have to have a little chat with Carl about a trip out!!