Saturday 10 November 2012

Home at last

What a busy few days we've had.  Thursday we headed off down to Bozedown to meet our new girls we purchased in the Alpaca Classic auction and bring them home, we were both excited about seeing them!

We ended up heading off much later than anticipated due to various issues, one of which was leaving mum and dad with the water not working.  So what was meant to be a leisurely drive down to Bozedown admire our girls, chill in the hotel and have a nice meal ended up with me driving on fumes in the pitch black looking for somewhere to park the trailer so we could eat.

After various calls to mum to make sure the animals were OK and they were managing with their depleting tank of water, a quick swim in the pool and sauna we headed off like a pair of kids on Christmas morning to meet Divinity, Cara and the two boys.

Having never been to Bozedown before we were very impressed with their setup, and as for our girls they are as stunning as the photo's.  Having looked at some more alpacas Mary-Jo had picked out for us we headed home with a full trailer via Beckbrow Alpacas to drop off their two girls too.

Literally from the minute we hit the A34 all the way up the M6 we sat in queue after queue after queue.  As I'm sure many of you can imagine this was a very long slow drive home what with traffic and alpaca stop checks it was very late when we arrived at Barbara's, who thankfully offered us a bed for the night. 

We wanted to let the girls have a bit of a stretch of their legs and answer a call of nature as they had not been at all in the trailer despite the the regular stops.  Down went the back door and out came the girls and cria, which had multiplied, Paul Heatherington's face was a picture, he thought they were going round in circles!

Bet you want to know what we squeezed into the trailer.............


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Now THAT's a teaze and a half!

Unknown said...

Yes, Paul's face was a picture when more and more alpacas came out of the trailer. You would think that he would be used to such behaviour being married to me...or maybe you are even worse than I...I suspect so!!