Saturday 30 May 2009

Alpaca shearing at Barnacre

Today was the big shearing day here at Barnacre, James Dixon and his wife Kim arrived bright and early to relieve the herd of their coats and in view of the temperatures over the last few days I think there were some sighs of relief.

Typically the girls, especially the white ones had decided to find the dirtiest and dampest spot possible to have a roll which is never a good thing, especially not this morning.

Here are the girls waiting for their turn, Kate thought if she sat down quietly she might not get noticed! She definitely took the crown for the noisiest spittiest participant, closely following by the infamous Little Miss Irraquoy of YouTube fame.

Paul was busy with the camera taking more movies so watch this space for new coverage!

Whilst we were hard at work my lovely little niece sat in her deckchair watching and taking it all in. I'm not sure she could quite work out what all the noise was about. I'm getting her interested at a young age, an extra pair of hands always come in handy!!
As I predicted Veruschka cut the biggest fleece weight at a fraction under four and a half kilos with our super special stud Legend of Spartacus a close second. More on the fleece and weights tomorrow. I was up just after 4am again this morning and my bed is now calling.


Henny14 said...

Great to have it done in this heat! How on earth did your niece sit like that for the shearing? My kids haven't sat for more than a few seconds since birth!!!

Henny14 said...

Ooops, the above is by me, Lucy, not Sorcha!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Faith was mesmerised by the shearing, my sister-in-law said it was best she had ever sat in her chair.

She was so funny stretching her neck so she could see then having a shouting match with some of the noisy ones!