Saturday 16 May 2009

On the up - Literally

Sorry for the lack of blog last night, I was exhausted and feel to sleep whilst supposedly waiting for the weather to come on!

I am pleased to report that Golden Guinea is improving, he was standing unsupported for about 30 seconds and taking the odd step here and there yesterday morning. Then the vet arrived to check him over. I was telling Sam (vet) how he was improving and Guinea demonstrated his few steps and stand like a good boy. Sam gave him the once over, out with the stethoscope then the thermometer and just after the thermometer was inserted he stood up; unaided!

I was so please, Sam quickly retrieved said thermometer before there was any issue and Guinea looked round all pleased with himself; and yes he got more carrot as a reward.

The vet is very pleased with his progress and thinks he should make a full recovery thanks to Guineas determination and my perseverance. You can imagine how pleased I was to hear that.

Since yesterday afternoon Guinea has got up himself more and more and is managed longer bursts on his feet each time and last night despite the rain refused to stay in his shelter. I'm not shutting him in (on vet advice in case he does himself more damage) just taking him to bed last thing at night.

Finally, I thought I would share with you a photo of Aria's little Killawasi cria; isn't she sweet. As you can see she has her little ear taped up at the minute as it is a little floppy. The weather turned nasty shortly after this shot so she got a second coat on and took in the shelter for a little while.


Perry Wheeler said...

Great news Debbie, well done to both of you

Knapper Alpakka said...

That's really good news, Debbie!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Excellent news about Golden Guinea, Im pleased that he continues to gain strength and hopefully he will continue to do so each day. Aria's cria looks a real sweetie !...hope she didn't have to endure the horrible weather we have been having, although she sounds like she has been well wrapped up !....Jayne

janet said...

Aria,s cria is adorable, have you decided on a name for her yet. Really pleasd that Golden Guinea is improving, well done to both of you, your hard work has paid off.

Patou Alpacas said...

Well done Debbie. Mind you if you stuffed a cold thermometer up my chuffer I'd stand up on my own!

Lucy said...

What a fluffy wee thing she is - lovely colour too!