Monday 4 May 2009

Still hanging on in there!

As I have been so poor at blogging the last couple of days (wine with dinner and an afternoon hike to the pub and I'm useless!) I thought I'd do an early(ish) morning one whilst everyone else is in bed.

We have been doing a spot of moving round again, firstly the female hogs (young sheep) have moved back in with their mums ready for them lambing. Alan, our farmer friend suggested they go there so he can keep an eye on them too as he passes. It was really quite sweet Pepper quite clearly remembered her daughter from last year and they exchanged a few hello's. Then Pepper noticed her daughter was pregnant and there was a distinct tone change in her bleat, I think she was complaining at her for coming home in that state!

Then was the turn of the alpacas, we have been waiting to move the girls into their usual birthing paddocks but with Aria and Kate intent on holding on to their cria we have hung off. There was no grass left where they were so we decided it had to be done anyway so we walked them through two of our neighbours fields and home.

It all went according to plan and without a hitch. Kate was slightly reluctant to leave her field but soon got excited when she saw the green grass waiting for her.

There has been no looking back since everyone is head down munching. We are now waiting for three girls to birth who are all over 340 days so hopefully the fresh grass and exercise will help encourage them.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hi Debbie

Hope you are enjoying your company and a little change of routine !

Its always nice to move the alpacas onto new pastures, usually the grass is enough to keep any worries at bay !....

Hope those babies arrive soon, for you all !.........Jayne