Sunday 17 May 2009

Time flies when you're having fun

I can't believe that is another weekend over and done with, it is frightening how time flies by.

I'm pleased to report the Mr Guinea is continuing to improve, he is getting more strength in his legs and has spent much more time up on his feet today. I've not had to lift him once he's now happy to get himself up and have a little little wonder.

He managed to find second gear, and moved much quicker than normal when the weanlings ran up the channel to his fence line. So I now have another trick up my sleeve if he decides he doesn't want to move about; send for the weanlings! He has actually taken himself off to bed tonight which was good.

Today was also Alice's first pregnancy spit off and unfortunately after a bit of a run round she sat for Gianmarco's Masterpiece, so he got to have his wicked way with her for a second time. Hopefully she will take this time.

I have had my last lamb born this evening, a rather large white boy. He is bigger than Ebony's lamb who was born over a week ago. He was so large Cino needed a bit of assistance but I couldn't move it, thankfully Alan, our farmer friend was passing as I was getting rather red faced so he came to the rescue.

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