Tuesday 5 May 2009

Happy Birthday Horatio

Our little monkey that is Horatio is one year old today. It doesn't seem a year ago that Becky and Pete experienced the great excitement of his birth. From the minute he got to his feet he has craved mischief and a year on he is no different. Just like his sister Ursula, he loved to pinch things be it the feed bucket or your hat and gloves.

It has been a really miserable day weather wise today so the heavily pregnant girls have all chosen to hold on a bit long. I really am beginning to wonder if Aria is ever going to part with this cria of hers.

I tend to worry about girls going too far over having far too big babies. To be honest of late I am worrying about anything and everything, girls looking huge, girls not looking pregnant at all. It's a good job I love my job!

As the weather has been so poor I have been doing inside chores, paperwork and purchases (I haven't dare tell Paul how much I have spent yet). Then this afternoon I have cut out another cria coat ready to make, just in case these girls decided to have their babies in the nasty weather. I have a few different sizes but no duplicates so that is what I am doing now.

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Perry Wheeler said...

Happy Birthday Horatio!

He sounds a real crowd-pleaser