Saturday 9 May 2009

Excitement all round

I'm pleased to say that Paul arrived safely at the Newark and Notts showground last night and everyone was unloaded without a hitch and he even managed to put the tent up (or so he tells me)!!

This morning didn't start quite so well as I received a text from him just before 6am, and Paul does NOT do mornings just saying 'Have a flat tyre'. Oops, both mornings and wheel changing are usually my department so I'm not sure how that one has evolved; I've not asked.

My parents were off to offer a helping hand with the animals and I'm sure mum must have arrived before the show organisers as she left home at 7.20 and only lives half an hour away. I just knew she'd flapping; bless her!!

I've been getting various updates through the day so here goes:

Lualeni our white junior was out in the first class, and as you'd expect it was a large one of 32 so it had been split in two. Loopy Lou, as I affectionately call her came third, what a result the judge commented on her 'amazing brightness, fantastic fleece'. Blossom should be so proud because I am.

Sienna, our squealer in the junior brown class also did fantastically well and was awarded 5th place. I'm not sure how she behaved in the ring as she is quite nervous especially without me.

My mum had the pleasure of taking Princess Mallika into the ring, she had been changed into the dark fawn class. She didn't come anywhere but mum said she was very well behaved. She also took Chiquita into the ring, she was in the intermediate medium fawn class and came away with another rosette, 5th place.

The two black boys are still to go in the ring. Hopefully they will be as successful tomorrow.

We also entered three fleeces into the fleece show and apparently have a full house there with three more rosettes. I'm so pleased, we have a 2nd, 3rd & 4th. It the minute I'm not sure who has what but I entered two whites, our fantastic stud Legend of Spartacus, Little Miss Irraquoy and our grey girl Kate.

I'm afraid I am feeling very left out up here, the most exciting thing to occur here has been Eubank (my pet lamb) finally losing his tail!


Rob @ Wellground said...

Congratulations, well done Debbie and Paul. Well chuffed with LMI and LoS too. Really pleased for you.

Rob and Les

Patou Alpacas said...

Well done Barnacre!!!