Thursday 7 May 2009

The lush grass is vanishing!

The nice lush green grass the girls moved onto at the weekend is going down a treat. I'm sure they have already polished off a quarter of it already.

Little Palm-Olive is obviously doing well on it too as she had put on a kilo since arriving on it, which is her biggest weight gain yet. She has now doubled her birth weight in just over 4 weeks which isn't bad going.

After cleaning the paddock I have been writing lists and getting things ready for the trip down to Newark and Notts this weekend. It is looking like I will have to stay behind on 'baby watch' so Paul will be on his own. I'm not sure how my babies will cope away from home without me - they need me, since they were weaned I'm their mummy!

Thankfully my parents are going to the show so mum will be able to check up to make sure all is well and will be able to give Paul a hand in the show ring. You never know I might make it if we have a couple of arrivals tomorrow :-)


Janet (mum) said...

Hi Debbie, I do hope they would give birth Friday so you could go to the show, but at the rate they are going i doubt it. I will keep my fingers crossed

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Thank you, they obviously don't think the cria are 'cooked' enough yet!

Perry Wheeler said...

hope all goes well at the show and you don't have to stay behind on cria watch duty.