Friday 1 May 2009

Roughing it!

I've been out cleaning the paddocks again this morning. Following on from the 'sample' I took to the vets for a worm count, Mallika did have slightly more eggs than we would have liked so all the weanlings have been wormed and moved onto fresh grass, which incidentally they think is great!

Mallika is already much better so hopefully that has solved her little issues. Thankfully the nice fresh grass took their minds of the fact I had just had to give them an injection. It always upsets me much more than it does them.

Don't laugh but today I have been and picked up our new tent; we are camping at the National Show next weekend!! So not only do I have to remember all the animals bits and pieces, show coats and so on, I also have to remember to pack all the camping bits - will I need my hot water bottle I wonder?

As the girls were showing no signs of parting with their cria or lambs I decided to brave the supermarket as we have friends up this weekend. Becky and Pete witnessed Horatio being born last year when the visited so are hoping for a similar treat this year.

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Janet (mum) said...

I was hoping there would be a birth while i was there,but unfortunately it was not to be. I hope Becky has better luck.