Thursday 30 April 2009

Happy Birthday Molly

We have a bit of a birthday rush here in April, today it's Molly's turn. She is the first time mum who had her cria three weeks ago now and one of the girls we have for sale. I made sure we sung happy birthday to her at tea time - not that she seemed very interested it has to be said!

I've had a busy day today, this morning mum and I cleaned all the fields. I even managed to get my mum to drive the quad which is a first. She did have me in fits of laughter at one point, we have rig and furrows in the field the girls are currently in, they are very small humps and dips. Mum panicked when she went down the very, and I mean VERY, shallow dip that the quad would tip up, she was leaning over as though she was doing 60mph on a motorbike or something!!

This afternoon I had a visit from the vet who was going to scan Ursula who was mated to our stud Golden Guinea late last summer. I am delighted to confirm that she is in fact pregnant - well done Guinea (and Jayne for your prediction!).

Whilst he was here I also got him to do the microchips for the weanlings. I really don't like the thought of putting those in so always get the vet to do it. We also checked all the chips for the show team to avoid any issues at the show next week.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

HI DEBBIE....I TOLD YOU SO.... Im glad that she is pregnant for you. now here's the bet...I bet that she has a ... dare I say it BOY !.

I might be wrong with that but that's the feeling, as long as all goes well....I hate doing the micro-chips...I always get James to do it for me after shearing.

When is Ursula due, I'll be interested to know what she has.

I do hope your mum has enjoyed her scrambling !...on the quad today...and fancy you laughing at her ......that's mean !...she'll be doing wheelies next.....Go Girl !!....Jayne

Zanzibah Alpacas said...


Happy Birthday...Molly and Paul ! I keep forgetting to wish you it !

Perry Wheeler said...

Hi Debbie
When is the national show and where is it. Perry has had to make a quick trip over and was wondering if there were any show while he in the UK.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Thanks Jayne. Ursula is due at the beginning of August although the way mine are hanging on this year it could be more like the end of the month! I'm guessing a brown girl (more hoping!).

Sarah - The National is at Newark in the midlands, it's at the Newark showground on the 9/10th May. There are a few other shows towards the end of the month so if you want to know where and when let me know.


Perry Wheeler said...

Thanks Debbie we were hoping for this weekend as he flies back on Friday.

Anonymous said...

I think i was very brave to drive the quad on what i thought were big dips.I must admit i was glad no one had a camera.I will be much better ext time.