Saturday 11 April 2009

Pedal, pint & a picture

What a glorious day, we had been expecting a day of sunshine and showers but it has been lovely.

Not wanting to miss out on a photo opportunity we were out with the camera, here is little Palm-Olive catching a few rays. She is doing just fine and this evening was racing round the field and using Mary as a hurdle. Mary is always the first to bed in an evening, usually straight after she has had her tea!!

My parents have now headed off home so someone is bound to give birth real soon as my mum was desperate to see a birth whilst she was here.

Once my parents had left we went for a bike ride. Our bikes haven't been out for absolutely ages so it was nice, well after we got up the first hill. On the way back we called at our local for a pint and a Pimms (Paul the pint and me the Pimms for those of you who were wondering)!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What a lovely picture of the name staying ! sound like you have been enjoying the sun shine too.....however the healthy cycle ride to the nearest pub....good long as you got back in one piece and did not end up in the nearest hedge-row or ditch.....I've heard about you 'Drink-Drivers'...!!!!! least the Pimms should be refreshing......can't say the same about the Pint !!!....Jayne