Wednesday 22 April 2009

Golden Guinea gets excited

It has been another lovely day, especially for our brown stud Golden Guinea, because he had a visiting lady. I forgot to ask the client if they minded being named, so wont, but things were more successful than last week.

She was still not keen to sit but eventually Guinea got to do what he was supposed to, albeit not for very long before she was up and wanting home! We will see what comes when it's spit off time. It has certainly left Guinea in a very good mood, he skipped back to his paddock.

Millie has been paddling again today, Little Miss Irraquoy was trying to copy her but couldn't lift her leg high enough. As she couldn't manage the paddling bit she decided that she would hog the water trough and not let anyone near it.

Palm-Olive had her usual evening charge round, I do love to see her motoring round the field. She managed three huge laps whilst Gaussian did about 10 metres and gave up. At one point Alice decided to join in and was pronking behind little Olive, she look so elegant. I do love to see the alpacas pronk.

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