Monday 13 April 2009

A new day

Thank you to all those who have left kind comments on the blog and sent emails, it is nice to have the support of fellow breeders. Today is a new day, so chins up we have had a busy day.

Being slightly paranoid I was in the field at 5am this morning where I sat observing for well over an hour. It certainly took the girls by surprise, the three usual culprits, Ursual, Angelus and Imala,came running to the gate just in case they were going to get an early breakfast.

I am pleased to report that Willow seems fine, I was slightly concerned that Chiquita might try and steal the milk she has as was a real monkey to wean and has had a couple of looks lately, but thankfully there has been no signs of any funny business going on!

As the sun was shining and spring is upon us we thought we would give Legend his first opportunity to work. One of our sales girls Alice is ready to be mated and they would be an ideal match. Legend plucked up courage to have a sniff, after talking it over with his best friend Marky who we taken along for support, only to get a face full of spit from Alice - she obviously had a headache! We'll try her another day.

Whilst we were doing this we thought the lawnmowers of the petrol free variety could get to work on the channel. It didn't take them long and they did a fantastic job and they certainly appeared to enjoy it.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The sun always seems to make things a little brighter.....nice photo of the girls enjoying a nibble !!...Jayne

Lucy said...

Glad you feel a little better. It takes time. I like your lawnmowers. You and Mark certainly seem to make good use of their nibbling capabilities! We must ship some of ours over to our garden (when trailer arrives)...!!!!!!!