Wednesday 15 April 2009

Winter returns

I think winter has arrived back here today, it has been so cold I've had my polo neck jumper back out and my hat on. It has been misty and dank all day, so Palm-Olive has kept her coat on all day.

Whilst on the subject of this fabulous little girl she is coming on so fast, she is already running rings round Gaussian. He never played with the cria of his own age last year but he has enjoyed chasing round with Palm-Olive. Although she has far more energy than he does so spends more time chasing the birds that land in the paddock!

Following the birth and the fantastic way Molly has taken to motherhood we have now released her back for sale. Molly and her daughter will be a fantastic addition to an existing herd or bought as a package will make for a very impressive starter herd.

Aria is still looking happy with her rather large baby bulge. She has spent a bit of time off on her own today so maybe she is starting to think about giving birth, she is 344 days tomorrow so it's certainly time for her to be thinking about it!

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