Thursday, 23 April 2009

Field shelters the hot favourite of the day

The sky has been threatening rain today but it never arrived. The ground could do with a bit but both the animals and I are enjoying this dry weather so I'm not complaining. We're never satisfied are we!

Kate,our spit fountain as Mark (of Patou fame) would say, was acting very strange this morning. After having her breakfast she wondered off into the shelter and promptly sat on guard across the doorway trying to stop anyone else from entering. She is 338 days into her pregnancy so is into the 'birthing window' so I was beginning to wonder if she was thinking about it - not that she had looked in the slightest bit likely before this.

Geena and Gaussia were allowed to step over her but no one else, Blossom walked through the barrage of spit unperturbed whilst Millie had to sit outside! I'm not sure what the attraction was with the shelter this morning, they have not really bothered with it since they went into the field last weekend.

Talking of field shelters the one behind the house is also in occupation, not by alpacas though but a robin. I went in there this morning to find some of my emergency supply of twine on the floor which was very odd as this field is resting at the minute so the shelter is not in use. I then noticed that some other bits had moved and my clippers that were in there has also moved. They are usually hidden behind a drop down shelf so they can't do anyone any damage. As I pushed them back a robin came scurrying out, I'm not sure who was more shocked me or it. It has built a nest in there, hopefully I didn't disturb it too much and it will return, there were no eggs yet but I will keep an eye on it.

Our swallows have also returned in the last few days which is always a sure sign of spring.

Going back to Kate, she was back to herself a little later and neither her or Aria thought today was a good day to bring a new life into the world. I was so sure this afternoon that it was safe I even braved a trip to the supermarket.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I saw the first swallow this morning at 6.45am.....I was up early.....I love to see them, thats the first sign of spring, I hope your robin returns to his/her nest !!...soon........Jayne