Saturday 25 April 2009

More lambs expected

It has been another busy day today, I was out in the field about 5.30am checking everyone and everything. This is a daily ritual that will continue until everyone has birthed and is thriving. I am pleased to report that all was well!

We had a batch of injections to do first thing so it was a great excuse to get close and personal with the alpacas and check out their fleeces before they are shorn (soon I hope). Lualeni one of our weanlings really stands out, she is Blossom's daughter and just like Oonagh was at her age but with a denser and finer fleece.

I had forgotten how dense Willow's fleece was and what a great handle Mary's fleece has. Imala doesn't seem to have grown as much fleece this year which is a bit strange, we will see when I weigh it though as I weigh and record all fleece statistics every year.

Molly has a lovely bright dense fleece too, she and her sister Milly along with little Palm-Olive would be a great package to own. Palm-Olive's fleece is also starting to organise very nicely, I have high hopes for her as she grows.

Once the alpacas were done it was time to move onto last years lambs, now hogs. They needed their toe nails doing and a lambivac booster. I had thought previously that one of them might have been pregnant (you may recall I didn't castrate the boys too well). When clipping their nails I checks and oops two of the three girls are pregnant so they now have a stay of execution.

I asked Alan our farmer friend to have a look to give me some idea when they would lamb, a week to ten days is his prediction. More lambs was not in the plan so Paul was not happy, oh well we can always sell them!!

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