Sunday 19 April 2009

All change

We've had a busy day moving alpacas about and cleaning the respective fields. The girls have eaten all their grass and needed to move but as we have a couple of girls heavily pregnant we didn't want move them too far. So they are literally in the next field along.

Ideally they should be behind the house now but that's a two field move and I didn't want to chance that with Kate as she had issues last year. They will move behind the house as soon as Kate has given birth, well assuming she doesn't hang on that long we are into the next birthing window!

So as is usual when we move anyone the field gets a thorough clean, which didn't take too long because we only did it 12 hours prior to the move. The Paul was on the mower for the first time this year cutting the horrible dead tufty bits that the girls had left. We were going to harrow it but ran out of hours in the day so that will be a job for me in the week.

Golden Guinea is not very impressed with the new living accommodation the girls has because he can't see them as well. He still has the weanlings next door and the other boys in view but that doesn't substitute his ladies.

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