Friday 17 April 2009

Disappointment for Golden Guinea

With Aria over due it was another very early trip to the field this morning to make sure all was well. They have now gotten used to these 5am visits so don't even bother coming to see if I have bought their breakfast along. Well with the exception of Imala and Angelus who always meet you at the gate no matter what the time of the day!

Today was a big day for Golden Guinea our brown stud male, he had his first visiting lady booked in. He had a spring in his step when I walked him into the external mating strip this morning it was as if he knew what was coming. I had bought along Hughie for a bit of company until his lady friend arrived.

As soon as the trailer door opened he was off, getting all excited and orgling, unfortunately the young girl who had been bought along for the mating was not as excited. Poor thing quite clearly had no idea what was expected of her and was refusing his advances, it must be a bit of a shock for maidens to get jumped on my some rather noisy excited boy.

She was showing no interest in sitting despite Guinea hanging off her back end for dear life. He did very briefly manage to get her down but by this time he'd got so excited he couldn't get in position before she was up again. He has only covered two girls so far and this was his first 'job' of the year so he isn't the most experienced boy as yet.

Eventually he lost interest, well he heard another lady in the trailer and decided he stood more change with her! Not a great start to his season but hopefully once the maiden concerned is more willing we will have more success as he certainly didn't have any issues covering Ursula last year. He will have to wait for Aria to birth and be ready to remate before I have anyone ready for him.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I think it was just a case of too much excitement ! one day !
Golden Guinea....he'll get the hang of it......he's so handsome the girlies will be falling at his feet !!......Jayne

Knapper Alpakka said...

"Guinea hanging off her back end for dear life" :P

There's plenty of other, uh..., fish in the sea, Guinea :)