Thursday 9 April 2009

Horatio pushes his boundaries

The morning started off with a bit of a scare, our resident mischief (well one of them), Horatio had managed to get himself stuck in the fence. He has been sticking his head where he shouldn't since the day he was born, but this time it was a place too far.

He had pushed his head through the wire into Golden Guinea's paddock and got stuck. It looked like he had been there a while, thankfully Guinea hadn't been bothered by the 'visitor'. After a bit of pushing and pulling we managed to free him without causing him any distress.

Poor little chap has a sore ear for his trouble and now has a blue tinge to his rather nice black fleeced ear!! Has he learnt his lesson; no he was sticking his head through the bars by this evening. So the weanlings now have a hurdle lined fence.

The weather has warmed up today so little Palm-Olive (incidentally I now have everyone else calling her Palm-Olive!) is back to just the one coat. I think tomorrow she may have to move up to the next size, made especially today by my own fair hands!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Why is it that they can always get out/stuck but never manage to get back !.....glad things were ok and no major injuries !......We have had a couple of scares with the electric of mine got his head wrapped round it and nearly strangled himself !....last summer, needless to say we don't use it any more !.....Jayne