Tuesday 14 April 2009

Back to work for Paul

I was in the field very early again this morning (5.30am), checking all was well and I'm pleased to report it was. As usual I left Paul in bed, he was back to the day job today so didn't want to get up.

On one of my many check on the girls, I noticed that Ursula had some blood in her mouth. I thought maybe she had been kicked by Molly whilst trying to take her baby. Ursula loves babys and always tries to make out they are hers!

I grabbed hold of her and realised she was actually teething! She had had two new teeth break through. I think she didn't want to feel left out as our little model my niece got her first couple of teeth over the weekend.

We have had visitors round today to look at our three studs, they are currently working out which boys to use over their girls. All three boys were very well behaved and showed themselves off nicely. Hopefully they will get to do a bit of work really soon.

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