Tuesday 21 April 2009

Pronking princess

It has been slightly cooler here today than it was yesterday and the girls certainly seemed pleased.

It has still been nice, I spent the morning cleaning all the paddocks again, so the muck collectors yesterday has been replenished and more so! I really don't know what we would do with it if it wasn't for all these keen gardeners.

Palm-Olive was a little monkey this morning when I tried to take her coat off racing round the field. She thought it was a good game to come within two feet and then charge off. Eventually I got hold of her and took it off.

Typically once I had taken it off she spent the rest of the morning coming up and nibbling at my trousers. She has also learnt to pronk today so has been giving lovely demonstrations to Gaussian who has never quite mastered it. There is nothing more elegant than an alpaca pronking - well I think so anyway.

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