Monday 3 May 2010

A change of scenery

Becky and Pete have headed home today, after a little car issue of their own - I blame Paul, I will say no more than that!

We have had a lovely weekend catching up and chatting over loads of idea's. I think Paul and Pete get worried when Becky and I get together; we can get a little carried away; I like to call it enthusiastic.

I have sent Becky home with some raw fleece, felt and a long list to work her way through. Hopefully I will have lots of new lines in the shop before too long.

After our visitors were safely on their way home, having seen no babies born this year, Paul and I cleaned the youngsters and the boys fields and then they were both moved on to fresh grass which went down very well indeed.

The boys however have been rather naughty, mainly Hughie and Guinea but even Loki has been getting involved. They are doing a bit too much fighting for my liking, usually over who gets the best spot in the fence line, Guinea is barging the others out of the way which ends up in a wrestling match.

I am keeping a close eye on things, I think I may end up separating Hughie and Guinea before things get too rough.


oak haven alpacas said...

I do hate it when the boys really fight. We try to keep only the big boys in one area so they have a chance against each other. We keep the younger boys in another area. What I find interesting is that the younger boys only wrestle, nothing serious. I'm not sure at what age exactly it moves from wrestling to actual fighting.

Lucy said...

it is annoying. Ash is terrible but the others are ok. Mac has his moments. Sounds like Guinea is a bit bossy!