Wednesday 5 May 2010

Time for a shower

The girls have been very hot again today spending most of their time in the shelter so I thought as I had the hosepipe out I would see if anyone was interested in a shower. I had already spotted Nefertiti and Molly paddling in the water trough this morning.

They certainly came running as soon as they saw the water turn on. Geena loves to sit on the sprinkler and hog all the spray so I decided to put the spray on the end of the hose instead.

Geena was at the front of the queue and was loving the cool spray, Molly got her legs wet and then splashed about in the water before sitting in it all! Irraquoy and Oonagh were also sat in it.

Within minutes all the usual suspects were enjoying themselves, Geena, Irraquoy, Ursula, Molly, Alice, Angelus, Oonagh, Nefertiti, Mary and Veruschka. Unfortunately Molly followed her shower by a dust bath so is now brown!!

Alice has been showing signs of getting closer to birthing today, she has been very grumpy if anyone has got too close to her and she has been sitting most of the day and rolling a fair bit. She is at 347 days now, with Molly not far behind at 344.


Rosemary said...

Looking for those signs of imminent birthing becomes a bit of an obsession for me!
I'll have to try giving mine a shower to take my mind of it - but it has been a bit chilly here today!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I think I'm a bit obsessive too Rosemary - you can never be too careful though!