Thursday 13 May 2010

Growth but in the wrong place

The youngsters have all been weighed and had their toe nails cut today, every one's toe nails seem to have had a growth spurt. I was going to do a spot of halter work but I ran out of daylight hours.

Why does the grass always grow in the wrong place. Now the girls have moved up into their birthing paddocks the grass down the road has shot up and that behind the house is almost gone!

We have just cut one of the girls winter resting paddocks down the road so the youngsters can go on it once they have been sheared. I think the three trouble causing adolescent girls may join them for a little while to.

I have had an update on my latest batch of yarn which is being processed at Farlacey, it should be back in a couple of weeks which is good. I can't wait to see Chiquita's yarn in particular. Chiquita has an extremely fine bright fleece which is a lovely golden colour.

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