Monday 10 May 2010

Paul didn't want to swap

Today was the day that I have been putting off for ages now, poor Hughie has been castrated. For some strange reason Paul was glad to be out of the way today.

I walked him up from the field this morning and being the very friendly chap that he is the thought he was off to meet his public; he associates the head collar and halter with going out for the day!

My usual vet is off at the minute recovering from surgery so it was John Prescott senior who was doing the deed. I've got to admit I was nervous, Hughie is extra special, even more so having been told at birth that he was very unlikely to survive.

Anyway eventually he was sleepy and we were able to get him down, he was really fighting the drugs and ended up having to have a little more sedation. All went according to plan and it was over much quicker than I thought and he was soon up on his feet albeit looking rather drunk.

Here he is nursing his sore bits.

I will leave him next to the house until the morning just so I can keep a close eye on him then all being well he will be reunited with his mate Loki tomorrow.

Willow and Mary have reached the 11 month mark today of their pregnancies. Both girls are very large and waddling along slowly. At this rate they will beat Alice and Molly to birthing.


Rosemary said...

It really makes you wince! It was the bit where they fight the sedation that made me all twitchy! Hope he recovers very quickly - he is gorgeous!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Debbie...thats..just nasty ! :-(

He is lovely..and why wasn't Paul about...he maybe should have been lined up..also...for insisting on that one !....Why are the men not so redily available to have this done !! I wonder :-) .......

I hope he's soon feeling much better.......Bless Him !!....Jayne

Unknown said...

Poor Hughie! Thou I think much kinder in the long run if he is to be around the girlies without the chance to work.

Jayne...I know that you love your animals...but might that be just a little hard on Paul!! ;)