Monday 17 May 2010

Positive progress

We are still persevering with Alice and things are slightly improved. I went out at 2am this morning to give him a feed to find him latched on which was fabulous and made my alarm call much less of a chore.

He is certainly an opportunist and very persistent, ignoring his mums kicks he has been allowed short feeds throughout the day although Alice seems to only let him feed from one side.

It is a difficult call, I don't want to feed him as I want them to bond and him associate his mum with milk but on the other hand I need to make sure he is getting enough. He hasn't wanted a bottle all day but I have just been out to make sure he is ok and offer him some before I go to bed and he has taken 75ml so he was obviously a little hungry.

We weighed him again this evening and his weight is the same as yesterday so still up on his birth weight.

I am giving Alice Finadyne to assist with any discomfort following a difficult birth so I am hoping that this will help. I have used it in the past with good results although not following a difficult birth, thankfully I've not had one quite this bad before.

All the other expectant mum are looking good, I thought Molly may have been thinking about producing this morning as she'd been on her own and was getting very annoyed if anyone went near her. But by lunchtime she was back with the herd and seemed to have changed her mind!

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oak haven alpacas said...

so sorry the birth was so hard. I have not had that happen on our farm yet. Sounds like the little guy is a fighter and will persevere.