Thursday 27 May 2010

Hello lady

Nothing much to report today other than we had a nasty hail shower at lunchtime which caused everyone to run for shelter; me included because I was just giving the lambs their lunchtime bottle!

Mum and dad have arrived this evening for a few days, mum was struggling to identify many of the white girls now they have been sheared. Irraquoy was no problem though as she was having one of her mad half hours chasing a rabbit round the field - that girl is mad, she is almost 10 months pregnant but this didn't seem to bother her.

Lucia was happy to introduce herself and came bounding over with her tongue hanging out as usual. She is such a sweetie you just want to eat her.

Both Willow and Kate are still hanging on to their babies despite Kate having an udder that resembles that of a cow and Willows baby poking various limbs out of her side constantly.

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