Wednesday 12 May 2010

Frost and frolics

After yesterdays snow I shouldn't really be surprised, but this morning the frost was so severe I had to break the ice on all the water troughs. I'm glad I still haven't put my tomato plants out yet!!

The heavily pregnant girls continue to spend a lot of time sat down, Molly looks most uncomfortable when she is sat choosing to sit on her toes and hang her belly on the floor. She is now at 351 days and is actually much wider than she looks in this photo.

The adolescent girls, in particular Sienna and Mallika have been getting on everyone elses nerves again today chasing each other. It usually ends up in them barging into somebody. I was out with the camera this evening when they were at it again.

On your marks...................

Got you!

Whose got who?!


Rosemary said...

Great photos! - and very nice fencing! When Carl emerges from his shed I shall get him to study that in preparation for the weekend!

Patou Alpacas said...

Liking Sienna and Mallika! Lovely coloured girls!