Saturday 8 May 2010

It's getting later

I seem to be blogging later and later these days, despite getting up earlier and earlier to check on the pregnant girls. Paul has been doing accounts and financial forecasting this evening which has taken longer than anticipated.

It has been another lovely day here, pity it hasn't been so good down at the National Show at Newark and Notts showground. Despite us not showing this year my parents till went along to the show.

As one would expect entries were well down, but I think my parents enjoyed it none the less. They also picked me up a programme so I can see who had entered.

Paul & I have been busy getting on with outside jobs. all the fields have been cleaned and Paul has readied the new improvised gate for when the girls move into the next field. It means they wont have to go out onto our little lane now.

I was hoping that the girls would last out in their current field until they have been sheared but that is looking rather unlikely as they are polishing off their grass at a rapid rate. Give it a few more weeks and I'll be complaining because I've got to cut some grass!

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