Sunday 9 May 2010

Where did that go?

Well where did that weekend go?! I can't believe it almost Monday, well it will be in 20 minutes.

Still no sign of any babies, Alice is spending so much time sat down now she hardly moves other than to get to a fresh grass patch or the feed troughs.

The girls have been enjoying munching on the grass down the side of the house today, Alice managed to walk to a nice spot and sat down to graze. There has been a dandelion explosion down there so now they have chomped round them I should hopefully be able to dig them out a little easier tomorrow, however I expect the ground is like concrete.

We have been out with Alan (our farming friend) and his wife this afternoon and then stopped off on the was back for a lovely pub tea. Things took slightly longer than we'd anticipated so I ended up having to feed the lambs by torch light. Not that this bothered them in the slightest.

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