Tuesday 18 May 2010

Sun on your back but no milk

It has been another glorious day today so I decided that I would pen Alice and her cria outside so they could get some sunshine on their backs and Alice could get some grass. Sadly this resulted in her completely ignored her baby and she wouldn't let him feed at all.

Needless to say she went back into the shelter this afternoon and I have seen the little man have a little drink. He has actually had two bottled from me today though and I'm off out when I've finished this to see if he wants a bedtime drink before I hit the sack. I will keep trying, Jayne has kindly offered some homeopathy remedies which might be worth a try.

The girls have been sunbathing, they were all stretched out and I noticed the Kate has a fair bit of teat development already. She is at 328 days today, she went 365 last year but I can't see that happening this year.

The stud boys have moved on to fresh grass and Gianmarco soon realised that if he went to the top of the field he could see the girls and he got all excited which soon attracted Golden Guinea's attention. Guinea then proceeded to run up and down the fence line for the next half an hour posing!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Anxious times, trying to work out the animal psychology - keep going Debbie.

janet said...

Poor litle man, hope all your efforts pay off and Alice will bond with him soon.