Sunday 14 November 2010

She's all yours now mummy!

I've had a lovely weekend spending time with my niece (and brother and sister in law!).

I had particular fun this morning with Faith, she came to help with the morning feed with her daddy. After a particularly wet night it was rather muddy and we, well I say we, more like she, sort of got a little bit dirty.

Oops I didn't mean to do it mummy it just happened, and we did bring you a leaf back that we found! I do like this auntie business, you can give them back when they end up looking like this!!!

They have now gone home and Faith is counting down until she next comes to see us at Christmas. I'm not so sure her mum and daddy are so keen :-)

The rain returned this afternoon and I had to rush down to put the two boys coats on. Mimimus was very pleased to see me and comae to meet me, he was clearly trying to tell me that he was getting wet and needed his coat on quickly. Rory was not quite so bothered and needed a little encouragement.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Faith looks just like me !!....Sadly I have no one to clean me up !!.........Jayne

Anonymous said...

Oops i think she looks a little bit dirty,but i bet Faith had fun. Pleased you all had a nice weekend xx

Sid and Pat said...

Faith looks like she had fun, the mud does have a purpose (sometimes)!!!