Wednesday 29 June 2011

Loki sees double

I will keep it brief tonight as I seem to have phone issued and it's leading to Internet problems too - marvelous!

Loki had a fabulous start to his day, it is just over four weeks since Mary gave birth so I was hopeful that she might be ready to be remated.  She likes a little longer than most girls in between birthing and mating and isn't the easiest of girls to read when it comes to spit offs either.

After breakfast Mary was shut in with Kate and Willow who needed spitting off, it was my intention to keep Nefertiti in for checking but she had other ideas and made a run for it; hopefully that is her way of telling me she took last week but we'll see.

Willow wasn't impressed to see Loki which was pleasing but thankfully Mary sat immediately, which caused a chain reaction .............
Form a queue
Kate didn't take last week then, so after Loki had finished his appointment with Mary and had a bit of a rest he got to see Kate to.  Hopefully that will be two more babies like this year please team!

This afternoon I had to nip into Morpeth to post some knitwear that had been bought online and I also needed some diesel ready for a trip out tomorrow; more on that tomorrow evening.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Looks like you have had a nice sunny day too......and a busy one at that !......Jayne