Tuesday 7 June 2011

Spot or not to spot

Anyone who follows our tweets will know that the weanings were doing a spot of guarding this morning.  Not all alpacas are cut out for flock guarding, but one of the youngsters sounded the alarm when they spotted Mr Fox.

I didn't see who it was, but at a guess it would have been Ochre or Pearson who are excellent spotters.  It certainly wasn't Minimus, he's not cut out to be a guardian, he seems to have inherited his grandma Willow's approach, look away and leave it to someone else!

After a morning of hoovering the paddocks I treated myself to a cup of tea on my deckchair and knitted a few rows of knitting.  I had plenty of watchful eyes making sure I didn't drop a stitch or anything.

I had the camera to hand an managed to catch a photo of Midnight Star relaxing, check out the bulge, I wonder who she takes after!!

Yes it is Kate's daughter, she's still go a month to go and is a maiden so I'm hoping that she doesn't follow in her mums footsteps when it comes to the cria's weight.

Well I must get back to my spinning wheel, Carol is running out of wool so I need to crack on.

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

Lovely bulge!

Is the spinning for more socks? Those were lovely ones you gave us a photo of last night!