Sunday 5 June 2011

Minumus goes up

Today has been rather wet so after a brief spell first thing without their coats Neelie and the latest cria (who we are still undecided on a name for) were back in their coats. 

Wet weather meant that in between checks on the girls I have been able to do a bit of spinning.   I need to get my finger out because we are almost out of yarn and sales of knitwear are going well so I need to keep the stock levels up!

Willow was looking rather uncomfortable this morning before the rain arrived.  She was humming a fair bit and had her ears back so I was keeping a very close eye on her as she is over her due date.  Her personal average over her previous pregnancies is 345 days and she is now at 351 days. 

All of a sudden there was a massive kick from her unborn cria and she looked much happier and stopped humming and returned to grazing.  I'm assuming it was in an awkward position and once it had moved she felt happier!

We weighed Minimus, he's not been weighed since being sheared and we were keen to see if he had actually gained any weight as I don't think he's grown any.
Well he weighed 19.4kg, at this rate Sahara will have overtaken him by the time she is two months old!  Despite his tiny frame he did cut just under 2kg of fabulous fleece so if you add that to what he weighed this morning he's done well. 

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Rosemary said...

Minimus looks gorgeous!