Wednesday 8 June 2011

Two in one day!!!!

Well what a busy morning I've had today.  As is the case during birthing season I'm up shortly after 5am and straight off to check on the girls.

This morning shortly after their breakfast it was obvious that Nefertiti was in the early stages of labour, bang on her due date too.  It took her quite a while to progress to the second stage but once there was a nose visible the baby was on the ground in seconds.

A lovely solid brown boy, well the run of girls couldn't last forever could it. He looks like a fabulous boy to so I'm very happy with that. 
Not wanting to feel left out and miss her slot before Nefertiti had actually given birth I'd noticed that Willow looked like she was in labour too.  It didn't take her long to unceremoniously splat her cria on the ground, and I was just quick enough to catch the last push!

An adorable little girl!  She is a real cutie, my mum has a real soft spot for Willow and I know she will just love this baby too.

 This is Willow's 4th girl on the trot, not bad eh.  This one is by far the biggest yet for her weighing in at 8.32kg.


Rosemary said...

Ohh! I am so jealous - two at once! . . and they both loo lovely!

Anonymous said...

Both are lovely and I get to see them tomorrow!!!

Llama Karma said...

They look lovely, two at a time would be good all the time wouldn't it!

Patou Alpacas said...

Fantastic, never had two one one day!

Great action shot too!

Judi said...

Congratulations, they look lovely! Good to have a run on girls but we do need the boys too!

Shirley said...

Really lovely photos of the wee ones Debbie - well done. Shirley & Robbie

WillowBank Alpacas said...

Fantastic cria's Debbie, Looks like you are in full swing now.